Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse - Review

"Slaughterhouse" is a group project album. This can't be classified as your typical Ty Segall solo production. It's contributions from Emilie, Mikal, and Charlie are apparent within. If you've ever seen the Ty Segall Band live you will know what to expect on "Slaughterhouse." A fast tempo, agressive, in-your-face performance, and this album also brings just that.

The stand out track is of course "Wave Goodbye," as even Ty agrees with everyone on the end of the track with the statement: "Fuck Yeah!" In a close second is the song "Mary Ann," then the song "I Bought My Eyes".

With the songs "I Bought My Eyes" and "Muscle Man" and even "Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart" I can't help but hear the Mikal Cronin contributions within the harmonies. They are similar to portions of Cronin's self titled album, and I haven't heard them on Ty's other albums. A specific example is the "ooooh, oooohh, ohhhhh" harmonies on Cronin's song "Get Along."

Many of the reviews so far on the album have been comparing "Slaughterhouse" to the band "Hawkwind" and to "Iggy Pop." The Iggy Pop reference rings true to me most notably on the song "That's The Bag Im In." I hear the agressive raw-power angst.

Upon hearing about the closing 10 minute 23 second song I was excited to hear an epic guitar battle. I was pretty disappointed to hear a psychedic(-ish) orgy of drawn-out power chords. This song should be in some movie background with slow-motion hippies drug out of their minds, not on this album.

This is not Ty Segall's best, but it's Ty Segall's Band(s) best so far. I can't express really how much I like or dislike this album yet. It's new, it's different, it's Ty Segall, therefore it's good!?

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